Honor your neurosurgical mentors through the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF). The Honor Your Neurosurgical Mentor Fund is your opportunity to acknowledge those who have established the specialty by aiding those who will follow. Please contribute to funds honoring the pioneers of neurotrauma care and research.

Anthony Marmarou Fund

Purpose: To fund TBI registry research and/or young investigator research in ICP and brain edema, and to support the Marmarou Named Lectureship on ICP, cerebral edema, and/or TBI related topics at the Neurotrauma Section session of the annual AANS meeting.

Charles H. Tator Fund

Purpose: To be utilized for basic science research in spinal cord injury.

Shelly D. Timmons Fund

Purpose: To support leadership development for all young neurosurgeons.

Hoi Sang U, MD Fund

Purpose: To support research into the molecular mechanisms of neurosurgical diseases with a focus on neurotrauma, neuro-oncology or aging.